Chris Ware

Reinventing Comics

Original title : Chris Ware
Category : Illustrated essay
Details : Hard cover / Colour drawings
Dimensions : 20 x 24 cm
Pagination : 160 pages
Retail price : 22€
Publication date : 2010
Print run : 3200

Chris Ware is undoubtedly today’s most important comics creator, not just in his home country, the US, but worldwide. This book is the first book-length study in French on his work, which continues to explore new directions. Besides a very detailed chronological presentation of the author and his art, the book contains also a long discussion with Benoît Peeters, the leading French theorist in comics studies. And although Ware does never claim to deliver the last word on what he is doing, his exceptionally rich and well-thought answers gradually build a full-fledged theory of comics in general and of his own work in particular. The interview is completed by four articles written by Chris Ware, unpublished in French, and a close reading by the Canadian critic Jacques Samson, who highlights the originality and modernity of the author of Jimmy Corrigan. Generously illustrated by many full-color images, this book is illustrated by numerous documents which have never been published in French.


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