Comics at a Crossroads

Category : Essay
Details : Soft cover
Dimensions : 14.5 x 21 cm
Pagination : 128 pages
Retail price : 12€
Publication date : 2017
Print run : 1200

Today comics are at a crossroads. The social status of the genre has been dramatically upgraded and its cultural legitimacy is no longer an issue. However, in spite of this evolution which has converted comics into a fashionable and highly ranked cultural object, the comics business is confronted with a major crisis; After many decades of continuous growth, the field has entered in period in which publishers’ profits and authors’ revenues have started to shrink.

In the wake of the General Convention on comics, whose activities were launched in 2015 and whose ambition is to establish an overview as well as an exhaustive analysis of the current situation, this book questions in a direct and fresh manner the recent transformations of the editorial policies in the field, the feminization of the profession, the rise of nonfiction, the situation of independent publishing, the spread of specialized training programs, the encounter between comics and the art world, the place of comics in higher education and several other actual questions.


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