Chronicles of Hemispheres 3

The Mask of Caracal

Category : Young Adult Novel
Details : Soft cover
Dimensions : 15.4 x 23.8 cm
Pagination : 288 pages
Retail price : 17€
Publication date : 2014
Print run : 800

Sagana and Caracal have found the Rain stick, but soon after their reunion, fate separates them once again…

Who is the main who detains Caracal and proposes him a strange deal?

Is Sagana prisoner of the plans made by the cruel Elsa Campos?

And as far as Mangwa is concerned: he seems to have vanished.

Caracal will have to make a difficult choice to help those he loves. He puts on the mask of the caracal and this will guide him to the most hidden parts of Urbe, inside the Binger Tower were Sedaline is waiting to take her revenge on the rebellion from the South.

Meanwhile the Totemized, the Marginals, the Africans, are leaving the African regions and the Siberian steppes, and they start walking toward the Great States of the North in order to overthrown its iniquitous system. Their leaders are Sagana and Caracal.


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