Jack Sparrow

Manifesto for a Pirate Linguistics

Original title : Jack Sparrow
Category : Essay
Details : Soft cover
Dimensions : 13 x 19 cm
Pagination : 128 pages
Retail price : 12€
Publication date : 2019
Print run : 2000

“A witty essay hoisting the colors of the ultimate pirate.”

Jack Sparrow, whose bird name flaps like a flag in the breeze (the one of a ship full of dangerous buccaneers), is the worst as well as the best of pirates at once. Since 2003, his whimsical and tremendous adventures provide for the Hollywood blockbuster franchise Pirates of the Caribbean. Created after a Disneyland attraction by Hollywood scriptwriters and specialists in animation and adventure cinema Ted Elliott and Terry Rosso and embodied by Johnny Depp with a joyful and irresistible cheekiness, Sparrow relentlessly faces soldiers, swashbucklers, rivals, zombies, krakens and other supernatural creatures in his search for great treasures. Between two sips of rum (and two inebriations), Sparrow reaches his goals by talking, negotiating, and betraying. The pirate’s favored weapon is no other than the word. But what are the sneaky impulses of this pirate linguistics?


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