PhD in crime

Original title : Maigret
Category : Essay
Details : Soft cover
Dimensions : 13 x 19 cm
Pagination : 128 pages
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Publication date : 2019
Print run : 1500

“A thorough, methodical and nosy essay, a close and careful investigation, that finally gets the taciturn Inspector Maigret to confess!”

Of all crafty detectives and other cunning investigators inhabiting crime fiction, Inspector Maigret, Georges Simenon’s famous character that he invented in 1931, is one of the most singular ones. Far from his colleagues’ flamboyant gestures and glorious triumphs, with their often superhuman deduction capacities, Maigret’s most placid attitude is just that of an honest police officer, mainly concerned to do his job as properly as possible. He scrutinizes, observes, absorbs, just like a sponge would do, the multiple details that compose the psychological environment of the crime. Averagely intelligent and educated, this imperturbable and hard worker patiently outwits the vigilance or the mistrusts of the suspects, eventually obtaining the culprit’s confession. But what exactly is meant here by “grasping an atmosphere”? What precisely are the sullen and ruminant Inspector’s methods? To answer these questions, one has to investigate not only the novels but also the movies and the TV series that made Maigret such a world-famous character. It is only by doing so that we can see whether Maigret is really the ordinary man he claims to be…


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