Sociology put to the test of art

Category : Book of conversations
Details : Soft cover
Dimensions : 14.5 x 21 cm
Pagination : 224 pages
Retail price : 20€
Publication date : 2015
Print run : 1000

The author of some thirty books and an impressive number of articles in all major international journals, Nathalie Heinich is a world-leading art sociologist. In this interview book, she looks back at her atypical career: the philosophy studies in a university far from Paris, the seminar of Pierre Bourdieu, the difficult years as a temporary researcher on short-term projects, the unexpected tenured at the CNRS (National Science Foundation), the social consequence of the post-May 68 years, the challenges of the 21st Century. Throughout the books she comments in full detail how one builds a research career, how one discovers and eventually elaborates new research themes, how one starts to publish articles and books and how these publications generate unforeseen readings. On top of all that, the book is of course also a wonderful introduction to the sociology of art.


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