Strawberry and Chocolat, the complete!

Category : Graphic Novel
Details : Soft cover with flaps / Black and white drawings
Dimensions : 14.8 x 21 cm
Pagination : 368 pages
Retail price : 22€
Publication date : 2014
Print run : 6000

Strawberry and Chocolat is an unembellished autobiography, a both tender and crude erotic confession, a reportage on modern life across the continents, a female vision of sex. But above all it is a comics that is tremendously refreshing and brilliantly told. It is not by chance that the two volumes (2006-2007) of this work have become instant classics. Many young and less young readers have been able to have a new look at their relationship thanks to the drawings and the humor of Aurélia Aurita. The exceptional success of this first book of a young author who displays a dramatic mastery of the language of comics has made Chenda (“Chocolat”) and Frédéric (“Strawberry”) into real characters. This new and updated edition, completed with a new epilog of 36 pages, will help rediscover this amazing couple.


Rights are available for all languages except Spanish (Spain).