The Golden Age of Belgian Comics

The collection of the Fine Arts Museum of Liège

A collective volume edited by
Category : Illustrated essay
Details : Hard cover / Colour illustrations
Dimensions : 24 x 32 cm
Pagination : 96 pages
Retail price : 19.50€
Publication date : 2015
Print run : 3200

The Fine Arts Museum of the Belgian city of Liège (BAL) is proud to host a collection of original plates, many of which are amazing treasures signed by the greatest names of Belgian comics of the Golden Age: Hergé, Jacobs, Franquin, Morris, Peyo, Tillieux, Will, Macherot, Martin, Hermann, Comès, Graton, Sirius and many others. A collection that makes us dream.

This book tells first of all the fascinating story of the Liège collection. Second, various essays discuss curatorial and historical aspects: José-Louis Bocquet situates it in the context of the Franco-Belgian BD; Didier Pasamonik analyzes the trade of original plates; and Thierry Bellefroid examines what happens when original works are being exhibited in a museum or a gallery. Finally, some twenty contemporary Belgian comic artists appropriate the collection by offering a personal view on a treasure of their choice.

This lavishly illustrated volume is both the catalog of a key chapter in our visual heritage and a stunning example of a creative dialogue between present and past.


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