The Tintin Mystery

The Reasons of a universal success

Original title : Le Mystère Tintin
Category : Illustrated essay
Details : Soft cover / Black and white illustrations / Original cover design by Stanislas
Dimensions : 14.5 x 21 cm
Pagination : 368 pages
Retail price : 22€
Publication date : 2016
Print run : 3500

The literature on Tintin is overwhelming (biographies of Hergé, psychoanalytical interpretations, socio-political readings, deciphering of the historical context). Renaud Nattiez, however, takes a completely different stance, based on the very content of Hergé’s work.

He underlines the importance of realism, the easy way of identifying with an open character, the multiple layers of the adventures, the wide range of character motivations and the way all these elements converge toward an emphasis on clear moral objectives. Yet there is much more and Nattiez’s book progressively reveals the more hidden reasons that explain the lasting success of Tintin.

With the help of a scrupulous close-reading, which does not refuse some insights from the philosophical field, this book profoundly reshapes our understanding of The Adventures of Tintin.


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