Tintin. Bibliography of a myth

Category : Illustrated essay
Details : Soft cover / Full color
Dimensions : 14.5 x 21 cm
Pagination : 320 pages
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Publication date : 2014
Print run : 4200

How to find one’s way in the incredible amount of publications on Hergé and Tintin?

Dominique Cerbelaud and Olivier Roche have written a critical and annotated bibliography that offers the best of both worlds: erudition and humor. Each of the approximatively 400 items is carefully described by a notice that gives all details on the content, the value as well as, if useful, the limits of the work. Each notice is also accompanied by full color image reproducing the cover of the examined book. The authors give also a complete description of the material features of the book: size, page count, various editions, special and limited editions, translations, etc.

Tintin. Bibliography of a myth is the ultimate must-have guide, not only for specialists in the field, but also for all those who are eager to learn more about the various aspects of the Tintin saga and to discover one of the greatest comics artists of the XXth Century.


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