You too, my son!

Original title : Toi aussi, mon fils !
Category : Novel
Details : Soft cover
Dimensions : 15.4 x 24 cm
Pagination : 384 pages
Retail price : 17€
Publication date : 2014

You too, my son! is a special historical youth novel. It covers the period that goes from the battle of Gergovia to the execution of Vercingetorix and eventually the assassination of Julius Caesar. It is a “peplum for young readers” which unveils the entertaining but carefully documented story of the greatest king of the Gauls as well as that of the most ambitious of roman generals. The novel tells the story of the (fictitious) son of the King and his attempts to trace back his sister. You too, my son! is a book that helps us realize a wild dream: traveling in time and being in touch with a totally different world that we know less than we thought.

Vercingetorix, Julius Caesar… two characters that belong to a far-away, almost legendary past, which contains however the keys for a better understanding of what Europe actually means. Their past is still with us today, more than ever before, as shown by so many recent and upcoming films: Pompeii, 300: The Birth of an Empire, Hercules, Noé, ExodusCleopatra, all these and other movies are there to testify of the return of the peplum and the current fashion of Antiquity.


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