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An independent publisher founded in 1985, Les Impressions Nouvelles has published to date nearly 300 books. It publishes each year some 20 books in both fiction and non-fiction. At the time of massive media concentrations, the company tries to invent new ways of defending the independent book production.

Les Impressions Nouvelles’s catalogue entails four main directions.

The house has known its greatest successes in the field of comics and graphic novel, with albums like Strawberry & Chocolate 1 and 2 by the young Aurelia Aurita, but also with The Japanese Apprentice by Frederic Boilet, The Cage by Martin Vaughn-James, and several reference essays like Being Tintin by Jean-Marie Apostolidès, The Comics, A User’s Manual by Thierry Groensteen, The Many Births of Comics by Thierry Smolderen, Chris Ware, Reinventing Comics by Jacques Samson and Benoît Peeters, and L’Association, An Aesthetic and Publishing Utopia by Acme group.

Among the novels, various books have been widely acclaimed and met great public success and media coverage : The Voice in the Closet by Raymond Federman, the series The Small Idols by Sandrine Willems, The Promise Made to my Sister by Joseph Ndwaniye, View on the Sea by Helene Gaudy and My Dress is not crumpled by Corinne Hoex.

In the field of non-fiction books, various books have already been very successful : The Man Who Wanted to Classify the World by Francoise Levie, The Invention of the Screenplay by Luc Dellisse, Art and its Multiple Mediations and After the Camps, After the Silence by Nathalie Heinich, Ferran Adria, The Art of Cooking by Jean-Paul Jouary and Francesc Guillamet, and Miss.tic, A Real Life Woman by Christophe Genin.

In recent years, Les Impressions Nouvelles has also published children’s books, in particular remarkable adventure novels like My Trojan War by Daniel Kammer, Monkey Speech by Thierry Groensteen, and Chronicles of Hemispheres by Katia Lanero Zamora.

Fully owned and animated by its very authors, Les Impressions Nouvelles wants to be a site of resistance and innovation, a network of new energies and solidarity. The company has the ambition to gather all those, writers and readers, booksellers and critics, who believe in the future of the book and who are convinced that this future can only be found in the freedom and independence of writing, publishing, and thinking.